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Ans. In Vishwamangal, all old regimens are treated. With the study and experience of Dr. Snehalkumar Rahane, the treatments are done following references from Ayurved texts / Samhitas

Ans. Our Ahmednagar Chikitsa Kendra has facility for day care and admission as well. Our Nidan Kendras have only consultation facility.

Ans. Basically panchkarma therapies can be done under two circumstances. The one who is healthy and wants panchakarma for wellness and another who is sick and need panchakarma as a part of treatment. The cost incurred for Panchakarma depends upon on the patient’s wellness, prakruti, illness, its chronicity and so many factors. It can be described only after first consultation.

Ans. The cost incurred for medicine depends upon on the patient’s wellness, prakruti, illness, its chronicity and so many factors. It can be described only after first consultation.

Ans. Kindly let us know the center you want to visit, so that we can inform you its operating schedule accordingly.

Ans. The duration of the treatment varies from patient to patient. It is mainly depend upon on the patient’s illness, its chronicity and so many factors.  However a tentative forecast about the duration of treatment can be explainer! after the first consultation.


Ans. Yes till date, we have been treated thousands of patients suffering from various illnesses. You can visit our website, our YouTube channel and Chikitsa kendras for patient testimonials.

Ans. You can email us at, we mostly answer within 48 working hours, however in case of any urgent need of communication, you can call our Healthline at (+91) 92 20 900 900 from Monday to Saturday 10:aa am to 07:00 pm. You can also WhatsApp on the Healthline number.

Ans. Diet restrictions or the pathya is the path (road) to stay healthy and it is not applicable for medicines, but it is applicable for the disease in the body, however the need and basics about your diet restrictions/pathya would be explained to you after your consultation. Following pathya helps you to get faster and long term recovery from your illness.

Ans. Sorry, considering privacy of patients, we do not share any personal details of the patient with anyone, however we can watch many patients’ testimonials on our website in “Real Life Stories” section.


Ans. The time required for first consultation varies from patient to patient depending upon the history of patient, which may range between 20 — 60 minutes. For follow up, it requires 10-20 minutes for each patient.

Ans. We have designed our products on our ongoing research since 2001. Apart from that every patient is prescribed with different combinations, the combinations play highly important role, hence at Vishwamangal, we take care of all your medication needs and do not allow any intervention from third party in any manner.

Ans. Yes, nowadays, many institutions such as corporations, banks, private companies, government organizations, insurance companies are allowing medical reimbursement for Ayurvedic treatments. We provide full support for required documentation for the same. You can get in touch with your organization or insurance company for further details about the reimbursement.

Ans. The cost of treatment includes medicines, prescriptions, panchakarma treatments etc. After first consultation and once diagnosis is finalized the line of treatment is planned, after the planning of line of treatment tentative expenses for the whole treatment can be informed.

Ans. When you are taking Ayurvedic treatment, your treatment and treatment protocol is always depend upon your body response to the ongoing treatment. For good improvement, along with medicines and panchakarma therapies food and lifestyle modification plays important part in treatment. So the treatment duration varies from patient to patient.

Ans. Medicines preparation requires minimum 20 minutes to maximum 6 hours. Once they are ready, we schedule courier pickup. Once the shipment is handed over to courier, the total control and coordination remains in the control of courier partner. We ship all the shipments by nationwide and international shipping companies like BlueDart, FedEx, Delhivery, Ecom Express, DHL, DotZot, Ekart, Gati, Professional etc. Mostly the shipments get delivered in 5 to 10 days throughout the country, natural disasters like heavy rains, floods, land sliding and road blockages and other conditions like transport strike, curfew, insufficient address, remote areas may affect the shipment delivery duration.

Ans. Vishwamangal Ayurved Chikitsa Kendra



Savedi Road Branch



Ans. We always plan the best treatment to each of our patient as per our ongoing research, but we do not give any guarantees about the results as only medicine/treatment is not the factor for recovery of disease. So we do not have any money back guarantee on any of our treatments.

Ans. There is no any kind of drug reaction in between Ayurved and allopathic or homeopathic or any medicines. Ayurved medicines are safe and can be taken with any kind of treatment like allopath, homeopathy, unani or any other. There is no any need to stop or discontinue other medicines while starting Ayurved medicines. However, if allopath medicine is causing any side effect on your body, that medicine can be managed with the help and guidelines by physicians.

Ans. According to Ayurved, our improper food habits, bad lifestyle and our mental status are the main sources of diseases. If you are looking to get complete recovery of the disease, it is very important to stop the causes of disease. The aahar chart provided to you is designed according to your history and finding the causes of your disease. So if you focus more on these factors, the duration of treatment decreases, further the chance of recurrence of disease are also become less. Yes you can have the food items which are not given in your aahar chart, but see that you are following most of the food habits which have been recommended.

Ans. Snehan swedan i.e. body massage is very important part of treatments in panchakarma. We provide snehan swedan only to the patients who are taking treatment at our center. If you are taking treatment at other doctors/vaidyas, and you are advised panchakarma therapy or abhyang/massage, you can come with your prescription so that our consultant will take the final decision about providing the services. We are not a massage parlor, so excuse us who are looking for body massage for relaxation or joy.

Ans. If there is any problem during your treatment, first you should contact our Healthline at (+91) 9220900900, to get the guidelines. If you want further opinion, you can consult your family physician who is aware of your health issues. You can also email us at for issues regarding billing, any queries, shipment deliveries etc.

Ans. Please let us know your home address. Yes home visit can be arranged w.r.t. availability of time slot. Visiting charges are variable depending about the distance and the consultation time required. All the visiting charges are to be paid in advance before home/hospital visit. In case of hospitalized patient, you should inform hospital regarding the visit of doctor or hospital consent form is required. If the hospital denies consultation from our expert doctor just because you fail to inform hospital or you are not having hospital consent the patient consultation will be cancelled and the consulting charges will not be refunded.

Ans. Yes, at Vishwamangal, we provide instant bills for each of your payment. You can get soft copies of your bills via SMS, email and physical copies of amount receipts, advance payments and detailed bills as per your requirement

Ans. As off now, no any insurance service provider is providing cashless facility for Ayurved treatments. So the facility is not available. But AYUSH department of health ministry is working on it and it would be provided very soon.

Ans. From the perspective of Ayurved, first consultation of a patient is very important. If patient is abroad or living on distance, video consultation is an alternative available for the proper consultation of the patient. Merely seeing investigation reports and giving medicines cannot give a long term relief to a patient. So we insist first consultation for each and every patient to start with the treatment.

Ans. Panchkarma treatment is done for the purification of the body and for the destruction of ongoing pathology of the disease in your body. During panchkarma the physical and mental condition of the patient is very sensitive, hence it is very necessary to be under the supervision of the doctor. We do not advise and/or allow any patient for panchakarma at home or at own.

Ans. We accept money in the form of Cash, Internet Banking, Card Payment. Wallet payments.

Ans. Yes, if you have credit card, you may get EMI facility for payment. As off now, the facility is available on American Express cards, Axis Bank, ICICI Bank, Kotak bank, RBL Bank, SBI State bank of India, and Standard Chartered bank credit card customers

Ans. We would like to inform you that we do not have any refund policy at Vishwamangal. We do not accept return medicines due to security reasons. If the medicines are not suiting to patient, kindly contact our Healthline at (+91)9220900900 or email us at to get further consultation over it. If you are not satisfied with the results, kindly request further consultation to discuss it with doctor. In case of advance payments, we prepare medicines on immediate basis once we receive any advance payment, so refund of advance payment is not done.

Ans. Yes, we have exclusively developed online consultation concept for the complete patient comfort. Patients who are unable reach our Chikitsa Kendras, not convenient with our clinic timings or the patient living abroad can consult our physicians with the help of online consultation

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